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Buying Precious Metals in Minneapolis MN

Our experts at Twin Cities Gold & Silver are among the most knowledgeable about rare coins and more in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, so you can be sure of our expert opinions.

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If you are looking to sell a great piece of jewelry, rare coins, sterling silver, or bullion, choose our shop. We are always on the lookout for great pieces and we will offer you the best prices in the Twin cities area. Contact us at (952) 926-5175 about our services.

What we buy:

  • Coin Collections
  • Rare Collections
  • Rare paper Currency
  • Scrap Gold and Silver
  • Sterling Silver Flatware
  • Gold Bullion
  • Silver Bullion
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we will buy your coin collections, metal bullion, etc
We only accept cash when buying from our store.